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Scoring near perfect on a customer survey: What can we learn from the results?

Scoring near perfect on a customer survey: What can we learn from the results?

By Mark Buckshon

Publisher, Ontario Construction News

Measuring and interpreting customer feedback has become one of the mantras of business management. Most commonly, enterprises apply the Net Performance Score (NPS) indicator, which is calculated by by asking customers a simple survey question “about how they are likely to recommend the customer, brand product or service offered to other potential customers,” a concept advanced by consultants such as Bain and Company.

I’ve read plenty of articles about NPS and customer surveys, and also observed first-hand how these ideas can be abused or misused. The classic example was at a rather run-down brand-name hotel site, which featured prominent signs asking guests to please respond 9 out or 10 out of 10 on the scoring indicator, or see management beforehand – presumably to deter anyone from actually reporting on that hotel’s real conditions!

So I hesitated a bit when our employee team suggested we conduct a survey among Certificate of Substantial Performance (CSP) advertising clients.

Rather than playing the “would you recommend” line, I decided to simply ask clients to express their opinion about our service, with a 1-10 ranking, and two follow-up questions. One asked: “What is the best element of your experience with OCN” and the second asked, “Do you have any suggestions for improvements?”

After a few weeks, the results are in: Twenty of 22 survey respondents provided a perfect 10/10 score. One ranked us 9 of 10 and another, 8 of 10.

However the comments were even more interesting, because, for example, the person who responded with a lower-than-perfect score, described the best element of his experience as “Efficiency and service” and he left the “room for improvement” comment blank.

Here are the other comments. Since we didn’t ask our clients’ permission to name them in this article, I won’t violate their confidence, but they are totally unedited:

  • The process is extremely easy and the response is immediate

  • speed

  • the speed in which i receive all email replies - outstanding

  • fast respond

  • Quick turnaround

  • Quick and easy

  • the staff at OCN are very friendly and quick to respond.

  • quick replies, great and friendly customer service

  • The quick response!

  • Excellent service

  • Quick responses to emails

  • Prompt responses and fast services

  • Quick response and turn around

  • Fast Service. Quick processing times

  • Always provides very timely service.

  • Very clear instructions and quick response

  • Timely and efficient service. Professional and accurate every time. Solid journalism

  • simplicity

  • Efficiency and service

  • The team is so responsive and professional and ensures publications are processed for next day. I believe it is the most efficient and economical way to publish CSP's available. And, Chase, Mark & Katharine are all fantastic!

  • Excellent

The data here suggests we are effectively delivering a time-sensitive service, publication of the vital Certificate of Substantial Performance (CSP) notices, in a truly effective manner. It’s understandable how this speed can be valuable – the quicker the notice is published, the faster holdback can be released – and the holdback often represents much if not all of the profit margin on any contractor’s projects.

Can we improve? According to the survey results, there’s nothing we can do better (not a single client expressed any wish for a change or improvement to the service). But I won’t accept that answer as the final truth. We can certainly improve, and I’ll continue to explore innovations to enhance OCN’s speed and efficiency.

If you haven’t tried OCN’s certificate publication service, perhaps now you might wish to give it a test-drive. For new clients (who haven’t advertised in OCN before), the first CSP notice is free – with no obligation to do any further business with us. We’ll research to see if you are eligible for any discounts below the standard $249.00 plus HST rate.

When you receive your Certificate of Publication the next business day, you’ll also discover a brief link inviting you to respond to our client survey.

To get started, simply email your Form 9 or other notice advertisement to certificates@ontarioconstructionews.com. You can also call Chase at (905) 341-8686.